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Breage Parish spans the A394 between Helston (three miles away) and Penzance (10 miles away), and is bounded by open countryside to the east, north and west and the Cornish coastline to the south.

The parish is named after Saint Breaca, a missionary from Ireland to whom the 15th Century church in the village of Breage is dedicated. It includes the villages of Ashton, Breage, Carleen, Godolphin Cross and Praa Sands and amongst others the smaller hamlets of Hendra, Herland, Kenneggy, Rinsey, Tregunno, Trescowe, Trevurvas and Trew. The resident population from the 2011 Census of Population was just under 3,200.


Breage lies on the main route between Helston and Penzance at its junction of the road north to Carleen and Godolphin Cross.

It is dominated by its medieval church but much of its present character stems from traditional buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries, when the village occupied an important position in the Cornish mining industry. It lies on the edge of the World Heritage Site with much of the village enjoying Conservation Area status. The village retains a number of amenities including a post office, pub, school, and social club.


Ashton is situated on the A394 about one mile north of Praa Sands.

It has a largely linear settlement pattern with a mix of traditional cottages and more modern development. Ashton is home to the Lion and Lamb Public House, and a large area of public open space to the north of the village.

Praa Sands

Praa Sands is a coastal village off the A394 characterised by its white, sandy beach and accompanying green.

With relatively shallow waters and good waves the beach attracts holiday makers and surfers, with a number of traditional retail outlets adjacent to the beach. It lies within the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Godolphin Cross

Godolphin Cross lies midway between the towns of Hayle and Helston.

It is situated on an upland area, part of a geological formation known as the Tregonning Godolphin Granite. The Godolphin Estate lies close to the village and the nearby Godolphin Hill rises to over 500 feet. The village consists of some 150 properties and is served by a primary school.


Carleen is situated midway between Breage and Godolphin Cross

It is a small settlement made up of a mix of housing styles. It is the home of the modern and well used Carleen Village Hall.

Parish Boundaries Map

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