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Steering Group Members

Name Near Village Phone Number
Caroline Carver Ashton 01736 761161
Chris Ralph Breage 01326 573023
Clive Richards Godolphin Cross 01736 762950
David Davies Carleen 01736 762615
Diana Thomas Praa Sands 07423 091989
Ian Stovell Ashton 07860 257577
Lindsay Bryning Breage 01326 573845
Mark Deacon Praa Sands 07769 672190
Norman Pringle Carleen 01209 831013
Richard McKie Godolphin Cross 07479 969334

Breage Parish Council resolved in February 2017 to support the preparation of a NDP for the parish.

A series of public meetings and an initial survey of households in the parish over the Autumn of 2017 revealed community support for the preparation of a NDP, and in January 2018, the Parish Council established a NDP Steering Group to take forward the preparation of the NDP on its behalf. The Steering Group is made up of local residents of the parish and meets monthly.

It is governed by a terms of reference agreed with Breage Parish Council, and all meetings can be attended by local parishioners. If you want to discuss the plan do not hesitate to contact a member of the Steering Group. Alternatively, contact the parish clerk via the Breage Parish Council web site.

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