What is the NDP?

How the NDP works

The Localism Act 2011 provides for Parish Councils to prepare an NDP for their area.

An NDP is a community led framework for guiding the future conservation, development and growth of the parish and if adopted would form part of the statutory development plan for Breage, and would be a material consideration in the determination of planning applications.

It provides an opportunity for the local community to have a real say on how the parish should develop and how land should be used over the next 10 to 15 years. It is not, however, a panacea for all of the issues that might be considered important in the parish – for example it has little scope to deal with things like dog bans, litter, policing or speeding traffic.

Neither does an NDP start from a blank sheet of paper: rather it must conform to and reflect national planning policy and the strategic planning policies set out in the Cornwall Local Plan. It can, however, interpret these in more detail. The NDP must also pass through an independent inspection and critically can only be adopted if it secures majority support in a referendum of residents of the parish.